Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday, a day of mourning, when spiritually, I sometimes feel the emptiness, the numbness that the first disciples must have felt. The church is drab, empty; the tabernacle is empty. No liturgies being performed, there is just the waiting; waiting for the Easter Vigil.

For many of us, the emotions of the Triduum have been experienced here and now. There has been the suffering of the Haitian people, with so much death and loss; it is understandable that they may feel abandoned by God. On a personal level, there are those of us who have also experienced tragedies, deep suffering, and again, a feeling of abandonment.

We need to hold on, be patient, as we stare out into the night, with open eyes and hearts. Soon a light will pierce the darkness, and a dawn of hope will come for us all.

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