Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reunification At Last?

The Catholic blogosphere has been abuzz with the news that there may be finally a reunification of the the Society of Saint Pius X, with the Roman Catholic Church.  John Allen posted a story on the National Catholic Reporter website, and the Catholic News Service also posted a report.

The Vatican, after much discussion with the Lefebvrites, gave them a "doctrinal preamble."  If the SSPX agreed to the document, then reunion was possible.  No details about what is in the document has been revealed, so we do not know how much of the store the Vatican is willing give away in order to heal the only major schism since Vatican II.  Of course in many ways the SSPX is like North Korea, just when you think you have a deal, they change the rules.  In this case, the leaders of the Lefebvrites are submitting changes to the preamble.  Many find it hard to believe that they would agree to rejoin the Church unless Rome totally repudiates the teachings of Vatican II.

The Lefebvrites are living in the past, struggling to hold onto a vision of the Church that no longer speaks to the hearts of a majority of Catholics in the world today.  Unfortunately, there seems to be those leaders in the Church who also wish to turn back the clock.  There does need to be continuity with tradition and the teachings  that have to come to us from the time of the Apostles; but there also needs to be a flexibility that will allow the Church to meet the needs of a world in changing times.  The Church leadership needs to be careful that in its desire to bring them back into the fold, that the SSPX does not become a weight its neck, holding it back.

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