Thursday, April 26, 2012

The LCWR and the Vatican

The Catholic blogosphere has been humming over the actions taken by the Vatican concerning the Leadership Conference of Religious Women.  The National Catholic Reporter’s website has been reporting continually on this story, and offering commentary on it.  Here is a link to their reports.

The LCWR has been famous for pushing the envelope on hot button issues within the Church; and within society at large.  They challenged the Church leadership on certain policies, and certain teachings of the Church.  The LCWR leadership decided to play a prophetic role within the Church, and we all know what happens to prophets.

 Now the Vatican is in smack down mode, appointing an American bishop to oversee “reforms” of the LCWR structure.  The liberal side blames the American bishops, claiming that this is their revenge for the LCWR supposedly supporting the Obama healthcare program; and for their disrespect of the bishops’ authority.  The conservative side is clamoring for the LCWR to be dissolved, and their member congregations be brought to heel..

Most of the nuns I have known have been dedicated women of God, striving to live the Gospel of Jesus.  They are out there in the world, performing works of charity, doing their best to build up the Church.  Their congregations have progressive and conservative members; they wear a habit or just street clothes.  Some of their communities are slowly dying out; others are receiving new members in great numbers. 

Ideally, there should have been a dialogue by all sides, an understanding arrived at.  Unfortunately, I think one side sees dialogue as a weakening of their authority; the other side may be wedded to their ideology.  Wherever the truth lies, it is a sad day for the Church.

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  1. That has been my thought about this, too. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly and peacefully.