Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Sad Sign Of The Times

Yesterday, I tried to give blood at a Red Cross Blood Drive being sponsored by St. Anthony Shrine, Boston, MA. The line of would be donors was too many, and soon my lunch hour was over and I had to leave without giving blood. (Note to self, next time, make an appointment to donate!)

As I was leaving the Shrine through its rear entrance, I noticed a very, very, long line of people. They were waiting to get into the Shrine's Franciscan Food Center. The Center, besides it usual food stuffs, was giving away turkeys, and other Thanksgiving day fixings.

Now, because of logistical requirements the people had to line up in the rear of the Shrine, out of sight of the office people walking down Arch St. But out of sight, should not not mean out of mind. Where ever there is a donation site, please give something for those who need so much help, especially now.

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  1. So much need. I give money donations, but I'm beginning to feel as if I need to do something more, something personal.