Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Queen and The Pope

Compared to Pope Benedict’s visit to Great Britain; there seems to have been very little coverage of his trip to Spain. So it was not until I read the November 9th posting on the Pray Tell blog; that I learned that Queen Sofia of Spain received Communion in her hand from the Holy Father. Now it is well known that the Pope does not approve of reception in the hand, and people receiving Communion from him, must be kneeling and receive on the tongue. There is a picture of the Queen making a profound bow, with her cupped hands held out and the Pope placing the host in them. In the background is a group of clergy with various degrees of consternation on their faces.

Now, there has been no speculation on why she did it. Was she making a statement? Was it force of habit? I am sure nobody will ever know for sure. Part of me thinks one should follow papal protocol. The other part is shouting “You go girl!”

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