Saturday, August 14, 2010

They Are Still Not Getting It!

When American media and commentators reference persons, or organizations being “within the Beltway,” they are referring to politicians and government bureaucrats who have an inward, insular focus on events and situations in the country; that is totally out of touch with the rest of the country.

The same can definitely be said of the Vatican. Whether it is the fiasco of issuing a statement that seem to equate the clergy sexual abuse scandal with the ordination of women, or this decision on the Irish bishop’s resignations. Now John Allen Jr. of the National Catholic Reporter has offered some insights on what the Pope’s and the Vatican Curia’s thinking may have been. But no matter what valid reasons there may have been, perception is everything. And the perception is that this Pope is willing to give bishops a pass, no matter how culpable they may have been in the cover-up.

It is ironic, that when Pope Benedict XVI was Cardinal Ratzinger, he was more than ready to either remove or reduce the authority of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen, formerly of Seattle, WA, for his liberal views.

The Vatican needs to recognize that there is a lot of anger and disaffection among Catholics in America and Europe. And they need to do a better job in addressing, and soon.

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