Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Auxiliary Bishops for Archdiocese of Boston - And Thoughts of "What If?"

Yesterday, the Boston Archdiocese issued a press release, announcing the Pope's appointment of two new auxiliary bishops for the Archdiocese. They are Bishop-Elect Arthur L. Kennedy, and Bishop-Elect Peter J. Uglietto. Both men have been recently responsible for the formation of new priests, Kennedy is rector of the archdiocesan St. John's Seminary, Uglietto is rector of the national Blessed John XXIII Seminary.
I am acquainted with Bishop-Elect Uglietto, we were both at St. John's Seminary, he was in a class ahead of me. That makes two Boston auxiliary bishops I have known from my seminary days, the other being Bishop Robert Hennessey. It makes one think "what if?" What if I had decided to stay at the seminary, how would my life had turned out? But thinking "what if?" is like looking over a fence at a neighbor's lawn; the grass always looks greener on the other side. Best to remain focused on the here and now.

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