Monday, November 2, 2009

Civility in the Catholic Blogosphere

American Catholic.Org is carrying a story from the Catholic News Service about a meeting held at the Vatican on Catholic communications, which included what was happening on the World Wide Web. The attending cardinals and media experts were all commenting on the number of so-called "Catholic" websites and blogs that contain a lot of hatred, name calling, fire and brimstone directed not only at the world, but also to fellow Catholics.

I have commented before about the lack of civility in today's society, especially among Christians, Catholics in particular. Is it any surprise that our young people are turned off about the Church, when they see the lack of love, and courtesy in some Catholic blogs, as they surf the Web. What they are looking for is authenticity; they want to see the Gospel being lived.

At this Vatican meeting, there was suggestions about establishing a code of ethics for Catholic bloggers. Some of the participants doubt the effectiveness of such a code. One thing is clear to me, that we need to encourage a more respectful tone, not only in the blogosphere, but also in discussions taking place the living Catholic community. We need live and love as the early Christians did, so that the whole world will recognize us as followers of Christ.

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  1. I'm in agreement. The blogs I read don't seem to have any of the hatred that you speak of, but I probably just gravitate to the more spiritual ones. Conversion is an ongoing experience, and one has to remember to put the face of Christ on every second, not just when the mood is right or the going is easy. The face of Christ is just not the face, but the whole body, mind and soul. So for all you angry catholic bloggers out there: Remember just who you ARE. Thanks, Mr. J