Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Communion at St. John's - 2014

Today I assisted at a Mass during which 33 young children recieved their First Communion.  The church was packed with families, all dressed up and in a celebratory mood.  The children all looked adorable; the girls in their white dresses, the boys in their dark suits, though one or two were in white suits.

The liturgy went well and was very moving.  The Gospel reading I proclaimed, was from Luke, the Emmaus story, where the disciples recognized the Risen Jesus, only when he blessed and broke the bread.  It is with eyes of faith that we recognize Jesus in the Bread and Wine; the Body and Blood we receive.  At the time of Communion, we need to be fully present to the moment, truly aware of whom we are receiving.  And when I distribute Communion, I see in most of the people who come forward, that awareness that something wonderful is about to happen!  And I smile!

I pray that those young children will grow in their awareness of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist, His Presence within their hearts, and around them.

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