Saturday, January 18, 2014

It Is What It Is!

When the picture of Cardinal Sean O'Malley OFM Cap, being anointed with water by the Rev. Anne Robertson hit the Web; the Catholic blogosphere went ballistic!  Conservatives decried the fact that a Cardinal of the Church was accepting a blessing from a Protestant minister; a woman minister to boot!  Liberals were wondering if this was a new openness to ordained women!  The Boston Globe did a write up on the encounter, and a columnist for National Catholic Reporter online commented on the conservative blowback.

I feel that there is a tendacy these days to read too much into gestures.  We see that recently with peoples' reaction to whatever Pope Francis does; seeing it through their own ideological lenses.  Sometimes a courteous action is just that, a courteous action from one Christian to another Christian.  Nothing more, but definitely, nothing less.

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