Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dawn of the Conclave

The day of the Papal Conclave has dawned!  I am usually up early in the morning, so I was able to watch the opening Mass, celebrated in St. Peter's, with the cardinal's asking for help from the Holy Spirit.  I have to admit, as I watched the liturgy being celebrated, I was paying close attention to the role of deacons in the liturgy.  There is nothing as impressive as a liturgy in St. Peter's, it is the Catholic Church at it's grandest.

Now comes the waiting; and what is funny is that after such a gorgeous liturgy, the world will be focused on a simple stovepipe.  The press will be going crazy, they need feed the beast that is 24/7 media, and only crumbs may be coming out, if any. 

So settle in, folks, we may be in for a long day.


  1. So do you think O'Malley has a shot? I think he'd be good--while I don't always agree with him, I appreciate the argument. Plus it seems like he does make a concerted effort to at least listen to people.

    1. Conventional wisdom would say he has very little chance of being elected. A lot of the buzz is being driven by the Italian media; which affects the American media. Of course, who says the Holy Spirit is conventional?

    2. Kind of a shame...I think he'd be good.