Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reflection on Ash Wednesday

Another Ash Wednesday has come and gone.  The 2012 season of Lent has begun.  I went into St. Anthony Shrine, Boston, MA, for a period of prayer and to receive the ashes.  I went to a Franciscan Friar I knew and he gave me a pretty good smudge.  People would definitely know what faith I belonged to that day.

Later, I went to a mid-day Mass at the Shrine.  The celebrant, during his homily, called on all of us to use this Lenten season as an opportunity to become the person God meant us to be.  We are all called by Christ to a life of holiness, to strive to live the Gospel and enter into a deeper relationship with our loving God.

The Church give us the season of Lent to remind us of that call, and encourages us to answer it with all our heart and soul.

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