Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feast of All Saints - 2011

“Observe, all my brothers, the good shepherd, who in order to save his sheep has undergone the passion of the cross. The sheep of the Lord have followed him in tribulation and in persecution, disgrace and hunger, in weakness and in temptation and in similar things. So the great disgrace for us servants of God is that by retelling the activities of the holy ones we ourselves want to receive the glory and honor.” (Admonition VI, Francis of Assisi)

This day, the Church recognizes and celebrates all those unknown Saints who may have walked amongst us. All of us are called to a life of holiness, all of us struggle to achieve that goal. There are many individuals in the history of the Church who have achieved that goal, unrecognized by our Christian community; but are known by God. By their intercession, may we receive the grace to also finish the race, to reach the goal.

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