Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kip Tiernan, Friend of the Poor, May She Rest In Peace

Last Saturday, the poor of Massachusetts, especially poor women, lost a great advocate. Kip Tiernan passed away on July 2, 2011, at age 85.

Inspired by the life of Dorothy Day, she walked away from a promising advertising career, to become a voice for the poor in Boston. In 1974, she helped found Rosie’s Place, which began as a day shelter for homeless women, a place where they felt safe and wanted. It has since grown into a multi-service organization, still dedicated to serving poor women.

I heard Ms. Tiernan speak about Rosie’s Place several times. I also saw her at gatherings of Catholic women who were advocating for a greater voice in Church affairs. She always had on a battered hat; she always wore a rumbled jacket. And she always wore a cross. As Christ gave His all for us; Ms. Tiernan gave her all for the poor. She will be missed.

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