Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Controversy About New English Missal?

The Jesuit publication, America magazine, published on their website an open letter to United States bishops, written by Father Anthony Ruff, OSB. Father Ruff, a liturgist, was informing the bishops that he could no longer in good conscience speak in support of the new English translation of the Roman Missal, due for implementation in Advent of 2011. He is concerned about the way the approval of the translation was handled by the Vatican.

Now the translation that the American bishops approved and sent to Rome for confirmation already had its critics; but the confirmed translation that came back from the Vatican, with additional changes, caused further uproar, even among some of the supporters of the original translation.

From my seat in the ecclesial bleachers, this appears to be further proof that there are factions in the Vatican that do not trust the local bishops of the world; and really do not trust the theologians, the liturgists, and translators of the world. They seem to have a real need to keep a tight rein on the local churches, for fear that that whole universal Church will collapse. The problem is that if you hold the reins too tight, then you stifle the energy, the fire, the spirit the local churches can bring to society.

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  1. I live in Canada and have written to many Canadian Bishop's about the changes to the liturgy in the new Missal. I find the new language of the mass to be out of touch with today's language and the new priests prayers very hard to follow and very wordy to say the least. I only received one response to any of my emails and it was from the Calgary Diocese Liturgy office. The head of the liturgical office didn't address any of my concerns but said that the Vatican deems it necessary and that the new language is considered to be more sacred and that we should not be using common English because that is more for prayer's in private. I find that mostly their attitude in one of not responding or very little response to any of my emails. I find I am very disappointed and still confused and not accepting of any of these changes.