Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Challenging Faith

I have been reading a book written by Sister Wendy Beckett entitled “Sister Wendy on Prayer,” when I came across this paragraph: “Like love, ‘faith’ is a word that seems simple but is, in fact, complex. I have heard people praising ‘simple faith.’ What they are referring to is an almost rote reception of mass and the sacraments based on pitifully slight knowledge of the teaching of our Blessed Lord. What they are really describing is ignorant faith, lazy faith, a refusal to engage the revelation of God with the full dimensions of what we are or what we can be. Faith is not meant to be a comfort blanket as those of ‘simple faith’ tend to make it. It is a strenuous call to engage all we are with the Father of Jesus.” (Pg 116, 2006 Harmony Books edition)

Strong words from such a little nun, but she is challenging all of us to live our faith more deeply, more fully. To do so requires making personal prayer an important part of our daily lives. It requires daily turning to the Scriptures, especially the Gospels; reflecting on the words of Jesus.

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  1. I am in agreement with Sister Wendy. I can remember from my earlier years on my spiritual road how I thought each new revelation, each new Old Testament passage was an end all to me in terms of 'seeing the light.' Only later and most recently has the Lord offered to me the chance of small glimpses to what can be. There is never enough. The deeper we go into the spiritul depths and heights the more I realize no final destination, no final answer will there be for me. No comfort blanket to wrap myself in.