Thursday, October 1, 2009

Street Party!!

One thing I have learned about Franciscans, be they Friars, Sisters, or Seculars; Franciscans love to party! So it was no surprise to see the Franciscans Friars of St. Anthony Shrine in Boston, turn Arch Street into a street fair! It was a celebration to both mark the upcoming Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, and the 800th Anniversary of the approval by the Pope of the Franciscan Rule of Life, giving birth to the Franciscan movement.

Now before his conversion, Francis was known as a party animal. He was famous was leading the wealthy youth through the streets of Assisi in raucous parties. I have no doubt that even after his conversion, he would still have parties with his companions, although much more simple affairs. And he would invite everyone to come, poor, rich, noble, or commoner. All would be welcomed.

And I saw that same Franciscan spirit reflected last Tuesday. Everyone was welcomed! Young and old; office workers and the homeless; business men in suits and construction workers. All together, eating hot dogs, cookies, listing to a band play modern Christian songs. It was a time of fun, joy, and a moment of grace.

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